Its riding season again, time for the oil change and a new tank of gas. But wait, we got together a list of gear that could make your ride way better without breaking the bank!


Cable ties (Lots of it)

Cheap light and fixes just about anything, from flats to broken fairings. They are also amazing for keeping your brakes fresh and ready by getting rid of air bubbles in the brake line. Check out a tutorial over here on how that works! Quick pro tip: use the end of a flat head screwdriver (or if you got little fingers like me) to pry down the plastic catch on each cable tie to reuse them.


First Aid kit

No one likes to think about it, until it happens. A first aid kit in a buddy’s bag could mean the difference of having a cold one after a long ride or the night at a hospital. They cost next to nothing relative to the pain and troubles it could potentially save, and we found one under 20 dollars that is waterproof, small and light, perfect for rides here !



Rockready engineering tool pads not only serve the all important task of saving your head from bashing into the clamps, but they carry all the essential tools for all bike models such as KTM, Husqvarna, Sherco, Yamaha and Honda. Too often have we gone for a ride leaving our tool kits back in the garage, well no more worries with the built in tools INSIDE the toolpad! S2 coated impact resistant tools don’t rust or break under any environment, and the polymer body is race and trail proven. They are now available over at here. Cheaper than most barpads and toolkits combined, and much cooler than pushing the bike back home when something goes wrong.