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About US

Marcus, Business Development

Shi Ping, Sales

Kah Yeow, R&D

Joel, R&D

Friends, bikes, adventures.

The Rock Ready Engineering team is made up of a group of individuals who share the same passion for motorcycles. The interest in motorcycles brought us together way before this company was actually started. Together, we embarked on motorcycle adventures around the world and also got into the sport of Enduro riding. 

Our products are inspired by our personal experiences & adventures around the world. Ultimately, we strive to enhance every rider’s experience through innovative design and product development.

As a back story, we used to run a restoration and modification workshop. While this did not translate directly into product design and manufacturing, it gave us an edge in tooling, materials and form. We searched for ways to create our first product, something that no one has done, yet bring true function to riding.