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Rock Ready Designs


We are a team of passionate problem solvers, with an eye for design and innovation.
With our expertise, we aspire to provide design solutions to turn ideas into reality.

A competive edge for your business, realized through

Design & Innovation

Re-imagine and create

Together, we are able to bring new and exciting ideas to life, for your home, event, business or office. From product renders to full manufacturing capabilities, we are able to meet your needs.

Design is More

From retail experience to living room furniture, workout equipment to custom backpacks, we apply design processes with state of the art development and extensive supplier connections to deliver the best results to you. 

No Queries Left Unanswered

We believe that everything starts with a question, a thirst for the better. Feel free to contact us by email at, or through our contact form below.


Precise 3D Modelling & Rendering files that meets industry standard for manufacturing.


Gain access to Metal Fabrication, Woodworking, CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Molding.


Whether it’s a one off prototype, or bulk manufacturing, we have the connections & capabilities.

Core services

Ideation & Concept Visualisation

Problem statements, creation solutions, idea generation: we deliver the best forms of visual representatives to you.

Protoyping & Developement

We bring the visuals to life, through advanced manufacturing such as SLS printing and 5 Axis machining, or woodworking and fabrication. Any material, any form, we find the optimal solution to put the idea in front of you.

Manufacturing & Marketing

Mass production, both locally and overseas. We provide competitive advantages in price and process. Packaging and marketing to bring your idea to someone else’s hands. 

Our Works

For an in-depth query, contact us for our portfolio.

Salus | Modular safety System

Kargo | Mobility reDefined

2:1 | NUS DID

Dock | Best bicycle stand